Hamilton Rare Breeds offers the following donkeys for sale with their French papers to select homes only:
A 3-year-old gelding, Nuisance is a good example of the breed and his registry in Book A signifies that he is 100% purebred.
A 3-year-old gelding, Nickleby is also registered in Book A. He is 100% pure and is also a very good example of the breed.
We would like Nuisance and Nickleby to go to the same home.
A 2-year-old gelding, Orville is 100% pure and is in Book A of the French Registry. Orville has a slight parrot mouth or overbite.
The above three donkeys will be sold with their papers.
A 75% crossbred gelding foaled in May 2005. Bullwinkle has no papers. He will be very big.
A 5-year-old solit Grulla Choctaw Mare. She is broke and has done some areal trail ridaes. At 13 hands, she has comfortable gaits and a nice temperament.
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